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Running ALMotionProxy::angleInterpolationBezier as a subprocess

I am currently trying to run a script as a subprocess in my parent process.  This subprocess uses  ALMotionProxy::angleInterpolationBezier to exectute animations . The subprocess does not work as I expect at all. The animation does not run.

ALMotionProxy::angleInterpolationBezier is a blocking call (from what the documentation verbatum says). I think this is why subprocesses does not execute properly.  This subprocesses runs with another subprocesses in the main script. They need to both run concurrently. Is there some way I get the subprocess which uses ALMotionProxy::angleInterpolationBezier to do what I want? Or are there other options available to me? I just want the be able to run animations and resent the joints back to their normal position afterwards. I would also ideally want to be able to interrupt the animation subprocess using a keyboard interrupt. ANy help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. A simplified example of a type of animation subprocess I would like to run is attached.

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