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Will the Pepper SDK for Android Studio be updated for the latest version?

"Not compatible with the version of your running IDE (Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 2)"

Seeing that this hasn't received an update in three years, will this be updated in the future to work on the latest version of Android Studio?

Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 2 is the latest compatible version, all later versions cause Android Studio to crash at start. Unfortunately, the PepperSDK is no longer displayed in the MarketPlace plugin in Android Studio, you now have to install it manually:

  1. Download the 1.5.3 ZIP File
  2. In Android Studio, go to File -> Settings -> Plugins
  3. Press the Gear-Icon -> Install Plugin from Disk -> Select the downloaded ZIP

I don't think there will be an update for the PepperSDK. So you have to install the latest compatible version Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 2, which you can get from the archive:

I've tried out some many things. This also, and Android is still crashing on starting the Emulator.

I'm using exactly the configuration written by Lukas Brandt here under Windows 10.

Is there any possiblilty to get the Android Studio get run with the Pepper Plugin?

For now I see Linux as the only option to make the emulator run without any issues.
Linux gives the possibility to fix some lib problems.

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