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Pepper Animation Editor won't open

Animation editor does not open via Android Studio.

I tried it on Mac (Monterey) and Windows. It did not open on both operating systems.

I noticed that it gives an error on the terminal.

Can anyone help?

[103076.316167]: connect() - failed necp_set_socket_domain_attributesChecking in with amfid for DER jspawnhelper

[103076.582961]: AMFI: /Applications/Android doesn't have DER entitlements and will not work in a future release

[103076.811583]: animation_editor[22742] triggered unnest of range 0x7ff858600000->0x7ff858800000 of DYLD shared region in VM map 0x6801197ea2d44e5f. While not abnormal for debuggers, this increases system memory footprint until the target exits.

Hello saidbicer,

Have you checked the foolowing link :

You may find ways to troubleshoot your issues. 

What versions of Android studio, Mac and Windows are you using ? 


Yeah. Animation editor not working. Others are working

Mac - Monterey

Android Studio 4.1.1

Anything useful in the link I sent you ? Do you get an error message, error logs ? 

Yes, it was installed using the link you provided.

But Animation Editor is not working.

Softbank needs to get a handle on this.

Hello Saidbicer,

Sorry for the long pause in this topic, I did get confirmation from Softbank that the animation editor have compatibility issues with Mac versions higher than Sierra. 

Could you try it with a windows 10 ?

Thanks for the answer.

Sorry, I'm using a mac.

Hello, is there any updates on this, I'm on an M1 Mac Ventura, the Animation Editor freezes and it's not responding.

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