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Windows 11 and Pepper SDK

Hi everyone, 

Can anyone tell me, if the Pepper emulator works with Win11? I am trying to install it on a Win11- machine and it's not working so far. I would like to exclude the OS as a source of error (in case it does theoretically work). 

Thank you in advance! 

Hello Katharina,

I think the only way to get the Emulator running at the moment is with Linux and the post installation steps:

Since the SDK is not updated, it often does not work with the newer versions of Android Studio. In Linux, you can fix it through the console so that the emulator starts. Sometimes you are lucky that the emulator starts once under Windows, but after that it often won't start again.

Hi Lukas, 

Thank you for your answer! So can you confirm, that the emulator will not work with Windows 11? Because in that case, I can stop troubleshooting the installation on this particular computer. 

Also, is there a roadmap to updating the SDK? It seems like I am stuck using Windows 10 and an ancient Android Studio version (4.2.2) - which is unsatisfying in terms of UX and, first and foremost, security. Thank you in advance for your feedback! 

Hello Katharina,

I can't confirm that there isn't a way to get the emulator to run under Windows.

I can only confirm that the emulator does not work out of the box under Windows. Your problem is a general problem with the emulator and the new versions of Android Studio under Windows.

In Linux, the emulator doesn't work right from the start either, but in this case the libraries can be replaced by system-specific ones so that the emulator works.

I don't think the SDK will be updated any time soon to fix this problem.

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