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Connect to server problem with RobotSettings


I'm having the same issue as this guy:

WIth Nao v5, RobotSettings says "Can't connect to server" after choosing the right wifi network. Any ideas how to proceed?

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I have the same issue - our NAO can not contact the server/App Store. 

Any solution for this problem available?

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I have the same problem. Is there any solution available?

Is there any solution available?

The technical support advised me to reset the rooter and connecting it via cable to the internet while performing the initial setup and update. For me this helped! They explained, that it has to do with a defect head battery ... Good luck!

For me, the technical support advised to reset the whole robot, because even with internet cable connected, it does not find the store...


I invite you first to download the system image naoqi 2.1.4 and the flasher tool here:

Then please follow those instructions:



Could you put the naoqi 2.1.4 system image back online? The wetransfer link has now expired.

Thank you in advance.

Have a nice day!

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