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Root access on NAO V6

Hi all! 

I am logging in to our NAO V6 using ssh as user 'nao' 

But it is impossible to get root access using 'su'. I provide password 'root' as displayed in the documentation but to no avail

Here is the error message:

(base) johndoe@MacBook-Pro ~ % ssh nao@nn.nnn.nn.nn

(nao@nn.nnn.nn.nn) Password: 

nao [0~ $ su


su: Authentication failure

nao [err 1~ $ 

I have tried it on two separate NAOs where the latter one was just booted up the first time and no changed to password has been done

Kindest regards


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I think I read somewhere that root access is not possible over SSH. maybe try telnet

I have the same problem. Did you receive an answer to your ticket already? - for me telnet did not work, nor did any other methods such as connecting through remote desktop but this unfortunately did not work. 

They told me they disabled the root access in the last NaoOS update ( 2.7). For me, It was working with 2.6.

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