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Tablet not responding

Hi, I'm using a Pepper that other people used to manage a couple of years ago. I'm not sure about the state of the software on the robot, but it recognises faces and respond to movements. Also, I have been able to run simple programs through Choreographe. I have had the robot change LED colours and present an image on the tablet. My problems are:

- The tablet is on the "bubbles" animation and does not respond to touch (the touch on the tablet  does work as I tested it with Choreograph).

- The version of NAOqi is, I tried to update through the web interface, but it says everything is up to date, and I can't update to 2.9 (and the instructions say to use the tablet for it)

- I can't install some missions that are supposed to work on NAOqi 2.5 on the Pepper (Airport check-in,  for example), but the website client command centre says: the selected robot is not compatible with the available version of the mission.

Should I do a factory reset and expect the robot and the tablet to be updated to current versions? Is an app missing from the robot that does not allows me to interact with the tablet?

Thank you!


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To connect to the tablet, developer mode must be activated on the Android tablet and ADB must be switched on.

Two IP addresses will then appear in the upper status menu of the tablet. The run/debug address can then be used for ADB Connect. An app can then be transferred to the tablet via Android Studio.

Hey, thanks for your response but been there done that. No what I actually mean, is that it is not possible in the QICLI to connect via methods call.

 Kind regards and at Service, T.B

Hey wanted to check again, if u could help? Kind regards and at Service, T.B from NCT

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