If you have lost or forgotten the login/password of your robot and it's not "nao/nao" anymore, then you can follow these steps to reset the password.


  • Your robot needs to be connected to the internet
  • You need to be owner of your robot or at least, know the password of the aldebaran account to which your robot is linked to
  • This is working only for Pepper with NAOqi 2.5 (Python version)

  1. Open Choregraphe and connect your robot
  2. On the "Robot applications" panel launch the "boot-config", this will display the Settings Menu on the tablet of your robot
  3.  On the tablet, click on the "Settings" icon, then click on "Factory Reset" as in the folling picture :
  4. It will ask for your aldebaran account, so just enter your own email and own password that you use to connect to https://cloud.aldebaran-robotics.com/ (your robot is already linked to your account so your email adress should appear on the robot):
  5. Then click on the right arrow and validate to perform the Factory Reset :
  6. Your robot is now performing the Factory Reset, at the end it will reboot and you will be able to do the intial configuration ( Getting Started Wizard ) and choose the password for your robot.