After a NAOqi update (for example: going from to a customer can have a NAO that won't stand up.

The robot will activate its motors but won't move to the stand up position. It implies that the customer won't be able to use the robot correctly.

Why ?

This happens because of a Diagnostic file in NAO's memory containing a FAILED result. This result activates a safety that prevent NAO from moving its legs.

Instructions to follow :

These steps will guide you to have a correct Diagnostic file in the NAO memory

Step 1: Connect via SSH protocol

  • Using Windows PowerShell :
  • From any location in your computer, press and hold SHIFT + right mouse click
  • Select "Open PowerShell window"
  • Type the command line : ssh nao@NAO_IP_ADDRESS

  • if the following message appears, just validate by typing "yes" :

  • Using PuTTY:
  • Open a PuTTY terminal
  • Fill in the NAO IP address (wifi or ethernet), and use Port: 22

  • Click "Open"

NOTE: From here the procedure is the same with a Linux / PowerShell window or PuTTY

  • Fill in the fields for login and password (by default, login : nao | password : nao)

Step 2: Check the diagnostic files in media/internal folder

  • Go to the folder "media/internal" using the command : cd /media/internal
  • Then use the command "ls" to display the content of the folder

Step 3: Delete the KO diagnostic files

  • Check for the lines "diagnostic_2.8.x_P0000073xxxx" that ends with KO
  • Delete those files using the command : rm Diag*

Step 4: Restart the robot / Autodiagnostic check up

  • Now all the diagnostic files are deleted.
  • Reboot NAO so it will start the Diagnostic Check Up behavior once again

Use the following article to guide you onthis step : Diagnostic Check Up behavior - How to perform it correctly