Setting an FTP Connection allows you to transfer files and documents (such as NAOqi logs) between a Robot and a computer. Here, the Robot is the server and the computer is the client.

Use the FTP software FileZilla (or any other FTP third-party software).


What You Need

  • a Robot
  • an internet connection
  • a computer connected to the same network
  • FileZilla (or any other FTP third-party software)


1. On your computer, launch FileZilla.

2. Fill in the 4 following fields to initiate the FTP connection with your robot:

  • Host (1): indicate the IP address of your Robot. For example:
  • Username (2): “nao”
  • Password (3): “robot's password” (default password is "nao")
  • Port (4): 22

FTP connection

3. Click "Quickconnect" to initiate the FTP connection.

FileZilla interface when a connection is established

4. You are ready to transfer your files.