To add a second language to your Pepper ( with NAOqi 2.5 only, if you have a Pepper with NAOqi 2.9 you must do it through Command Center, please follow this link)

You must first connect to your Aldebaran account here :

  • Once logged in, click on "MY APPS" on the top menu.
  • Click on the menu icon and select "LANGUAGES"
  • In this page you can choose the language you want to install by clicking on a flag.
Note: For this tutorial we will select German as the example.
  • Click "OK" to validate your choice.
  • Once validated the page will automatically refresh to show you the 2 languages associated with your NAO.

Note: at this point the 2nd language is not installed in the robot. It was made available for PEPPER to download it. To properly finalize the installation on the robot, please reboot your robot and connect it to the internet