• Log in the Application Store.
  • Click on "MANAGE".
  • In the section "Robots" select the robot you want the auto update to be set.
  • Click on the "Set System Update" button.
  • Select the parameters you want to apply:
    • Disable : you will not received update notification
    • Automatic : allows you to get notified when a new release is available.
    • Manual : allows you to choose the versoin you want to install on your robot
  • Click the "Use this configuration"button.

    The robot linked to your account will update its System accordingly.

How will I know a system update is ready ?


When a new system image has been downloaded from the NAO Apps Store:

  • The Robot settings also displays a message:
  • If you do not check the Robot settings, then a notification informs you and suggests you should reboot your NAO.