What is the Memory Watcher panel ?

The Memory watcher panel allows you to display the value of events or datas in real time.


Memory Watcher is a convenient tool for a global overview of all events and datas available in ALMemory.

Datas coming from the sensors are pushed into ALMemory at 2Hz, thereby, Memory Watcher is not the right tool to manage sensor datas at a high rate.

Memory watcher has a recording function allowing you to save a .CSV file containing the history of event or data values during the recording.

Example of a memory Watcher panel with several datas/event :

NameNames of selected Memory keys
NatureData / Event
ValueValues of Memory keys, updated accordinf to period

Available memory keys

Be aware that the displayed memory keys depend on the robot Choregraphe is connected to:

Type of robotWhat is displayed
Real robotAll possible Memory keys for the robot.
Choregraphe simulated robot

A fewer amount of Memory keys, according to its simulated skills:

Example: no camera, no battery.

Simulated robot evolving in a virtual 3D world

Memory keys related to the perceived virtual world.

Example: virtual camera but still no virtual battery.

Displaying the Memory Watcher panel in the workspace

Select View -> Memory Watcher

The panel will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting memory keys to watch 

To select the set of memory keys to watch :

  1. Double-click the empty line displaying the <Select memory keys to watch>. The list of available memory keys will pop up.
  2. Click the checkboxes to select memory keys .
  3. Click the OK button.

Setting the refresh period 

The Memory watcher panel is getting information periodically directly from the robot, by request.

Setting the refresh period (in seconds) allows the user to set the time to wait between two requests.

Recording values of the memory keys 

To record Memory keys evolution:

  1. Select memory keys to watch.
  2. Set the refresh period (in seconds).
  3. Click the Start Recording button.
  4. Launch the behavior you want to audit.
  5. When the behavior to survey is done, click the Stop Recording button. You are then prompted to save the .CSV file.