Recording the sound the microphones pick up is a way to know if the microphones work properly.

Use Choregraphe to record sounds with the microphones.

You will be able to choose which microphones you want to record sound from :

  • the front head microphones only (A & B),
  • or the front and rear microphones (A, B, C & D).

Once the recording process is done, play back the recording and check that :

  • the microphones pick up sounds,
  • the sound quality is good.


What you need:

  • a robot,
  • Choregraphe (make sure the version of Choregraphe is compatible with your computer and with the robot's NAOqi version),
  • a computer connected to the same network as the robot.


  • Turn your robot on.

  • Launch Choregraphe.

  • In the box libraries, go to Multimedia -> Sound -> Record Sound to display the Record Sound box.
  • Drag the Record Sound box and drop it in the grey area.
  • Click the starting point to the left and hold your mouse to link to the Record Sound box starting point.

  • It creates a connection string.
  • Click the wrench icon to display the box parameters.

  • Choose a name for the recording.
  • In Microphones used, select "Front, sides and rear microphones (.wav)" to select the four microphones.

  • Uncheck the "Temporary storage" box.

  • Set the record length in "Timeout".

Note: By default, the value is set to 5 seconds.

  • Click OK.

  • Click Play button in the navigation bar to start the recording process.

  • When the recording process is done, a message appears on the output of the "Record Sound" box. That message is the file location.
  • To access the file of the recording, click :
Connection -> Advanced -> File Transfer...
  • A popup appears.
  • Fill in the robot's password.
  • A Files transfer window opens.
  • Double click on recordings.
  • Then, double click on microphones.

  • Select the recording and click Download.
  • Choose the destination to save the file on your computer.
  • Click Quit to close the FTP Files Transfer window.
  • Go to the chosen destination and play back the recording.