This article explains how to install a second language on your NAO.

Important : Be aware that the choice is definitive. If you need to replace the 2nd language with another one, or simply want to uninstall it, please contact the support to complete this action.

Table of content:

Step 1 : Connect to the application store

Step 2 : Add a 2nd language

Step 3 : Updating the robot apps

Step 4 : Set the language

Step 1 : Connect to Robot Settings and to Softbank Robotics Store

  • Start Robot Settings and connect to the NAO.
  • Go to the UPDATES section.
  • Click on the Softbank Robotics Store link to open the application store.

Note : by clicking the link your internet browser will be automatically opened. Do not close Robot Settings. We will need it afterwards.
  • Click on Sign in button.

  • Use your Softbank Robotics account.

Step 2 : Add a 2nd language

  • Once logged in, click on "MY APPS" on the top menu.
  • Click on the menu icon and select "LANGUAGES"
  • In this page you can choose the language you want to install by clicking on a flag.

Note: For this tutorial we will select German as the example.
  • Click "OK" to validate your choice.
  • Once validated the page will automatically refresh to show you the 2 languages associated with your NAO.

Note: at this point the 2nd language is not installed in the robot. It was made available for NAO to download it. To properly finalize the installation on the robot, please follow the next steps.

Step 3 : Updating the robot apps

  • Go back to Robot Settings.
  • If no update is listed, click the REFRESH button, the 2nd language should be added to the list after a few seconds with the label UPDATE.

  • Click LAUNCH UPDATE button. This will download and install it automatically.
  • When the installation is completed :
    • the status language will change from UPDATE to UPDATED,
    • and LAUNCH UPDATE button disappears.

Step 4 : Set the language
  • In Robot Settings, on the main menu click the SETTINGS button.
  • Click on the Robot language field and select the language you want NAO to speak.

Note: In the list you will see the language preinstalled and the 2nd language you selected in the Applications Store.

The change is automatic. Once you clicked, NAO will emit a notification sound to inform you the language is set.