It is possible do a Factory Reset on the tablet only and not the whole robot. 

This is for Pepper 1.8 and 1.8A with tablet model : LPT-200AR

Please follow carefully every step of this procedure. Otherwise your tablet may become unusable

After a Factory Reset on the tablet, you may need to reset the token to get back the connection between robot's head and the tablet.


  • Locate the 3 buttons behind the tablet

  • Make sure that your robot is OFF

  • Press and Hold  "HOME" and "RECENT" buttons simultaneously

At this step it is very important to hold "HOME" and "RECENT" buttons pressed

  • Wait until you reach the screen below (~20 seconds) then you can release the buttons

  • Select [Recovery Mode], to do so, use the "RECENT" button to change the selection and the "HOME" button to validate

  • Select Wipe data/factory reset like in the screen below

  • Select Yes -- delete all user data, the deleting process will starts

  • The deleting process will take few seconds, then select Power off

  • Reboot your robot. After rebooting, if the there is no connection between Head and Tablet, then you may need to reset the token.