Autonomous Life

Autonomous Life is the key element making Pepper alive and responsive.

To activate or deactivate Autonomous Life, go to the link: Switching Autonomous life on and off.

Default settings 

By default, when you receive your Pepper , only the Autonomous Life is installed and turned on:

Alive and responsive : Autonomous Life : ON

On startup Pepper gets up, then orientates his head towards human, and is able to react to basic stimuli, such as sounds, movements, or tactile contacts.

  • If you stay away, Pepper does not talk, but looks for people willing to talk and interact.
  • If you come closer, Pepper listens and tries to make a relevant answer.

For further details, go to the link: Interacting with Pepper .

What if I do not want autonomous life


You may disable Autonomous Life :

Still and motionless : Autonomous Life OFF

In this state, you can use Pepper as an experimental tool, to test a new program or to study a very specific skill of your robot.

But if you want to use or to create interactive Applications , you should create and test them with the recommended settings.