To charge PEPPER's battery :

  • Plug the charger to the mains.
  • Lift the power hatch .

Note: for safety reasons, as soon as the power hatch is opened, Pepper cannot move around.

  • Plug the charger cable
  • Put the plug into the socket and turn gently clockwise until the check valve snaps.
  • Charging time: ~4h for 80% / ~8h for full charge

  • When Pepper is fully charged, the charger LED becomes green and the Status LEDs are blinking green.
  • Battery life: 7~20h, depending on use.


  • When Pepper is charged:
    • Disconnect the charger cable from the power hatch .
    • Disconnect the charger from the mains.
    • Make sure you close the power hatch, or Pepper will not be able to move around.

How do I know it is time to charge the battery again ?

Notifications warn you that the battery needs to be recharged.

Automatic procedure


If you have a Charging station installed and configured, Pepper is able to find it and to go on it when necessary.