When a notification is pending, NAO emits a small sound and his Status LEDs blink once in a while.

Blinking status LEDs

The color indicates the severity of the notification:

  • green pep_green_notif info : feed-back about an ongoing action,
  • yellow pep_yellow_notif warning : an issue requires your attention and/or action (ex: battery fully charged, updated app, rising temperature in a joint).

The robot is still usable but, it may either run in a degraded mode in which some features may be not available or it may soon become unusable if you don’t solve the problem.

  • red pep_red_notif error : at least one functionality became unusable (ex: battery discharged, sensor error, joint too hot, etc...).

Got to these links to have a list of the existing notifications

List of notifications - NAO 

List of notifications - PEPPER

Reading IP address and notifications

To get NAO's or PEPPER's IP address and read notifications:

Press the chest button once, as a result:

  • the robot says its name and IP address,
  • if the Status LEDs were blinking, the robot reads the pending notifications.

Optionally: press again the Chest Button to skip a message. While the robot is saying its IP address or a notification message, pressing again interrupts the current message and jumps to the next one, if any.