This article explains the steps to follow during the first connection of NAO to RobotSettings app.
Please, follow this link to download the Robot Settings software -> NAO 6 Downloads


What is RobotSettings

RobotSettings is an app that allows you to manage NAO configuration: 

  • user account
  • login/password
  • network
  • languages
  • installed apps
  • etc...

First connection steps

Double click the app iconThis window will pop up :

Select "Connect" to establish the connection with NAO.

  • Select the NAO in the list to start the connection

  • Or click on "Manually add a NAO" to enter the IP address.
  • You must check both agreement boxes in order to continue the setup.

  • Click NEXT
  • Select the Wifi network you want to use.

  • Click NEXT
  • Fill in you Softbank Robotics account to add NAO to the account.

  • If you don't have an account yet, click "CREATE ACCOUNT"

  • If you already have an account, click "LOG IN"

  • Click "NEXT"
  • Select in the list the time zone of the robot.

  • Click "NEXT".
  • Enter a password (used for remote access from a computer).

  • Click "NEXT".
  • You can change the robot's name. This is useful when you have several robots.

  • This step is not mandatory, you can skip it. The name of the robot will the unchanged.
  • You can agree (or not) to send automatic reports to Softbank Robotics, used to improve the app services.

  • Click "NEXT". 
  • This step allows you to install the Basic Channel on NAO.

note: Basic Channel is a set of applications that includes dialogs, sounds and safety features (Fall recovery, Push recovered, Stay relaxed). The variety of dialogs enrich the interactions with the Robot: it allows you to ask the Robot basic questions and receive answers. Basic Channel
 also enables you to launch applications using voice control.
  • You can add another language so NAO is abke to speak several languages (ex: German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, etc...).

  • Click "NEXT".
  • This step will show if apps (if apps are installed) are up for an update.

  • Click "NEXT".
  • This step confirms the setup of the NAO.

  • Click "NEXT".
  • This step explains how to talk with NAO (when the Basic Channel is installed).
  • A link is provided to list what can be said to NAO to communicate with it.

link :
Basic Channel - What can I say to NAO ?
  • If the ethernet cable is still connected, you can now remove it. NAO will switch to the WiFi configuration.

After following these steps, the setup is done, you can now use the robot at your convenience.