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Administrative Access / Refreshing SSL Certificates

Is there a official way to get sudo access to the pepper head? The SSL Certificates have run out and we can't update them without sudo access. Also root access would help to use more modern tools on the pepper robot 2.5. 

Also is there more documentation about the linux system on the pepper somewhere that could be published?

Hi Jamal,

Thank you for your answer. However it doesn't resolve or answer my question.

- Is it possible to update the ssl certificates?

- Is there a way to get root access?

- Is there more documentation on the NaoQi Os other than the already published documentation? (Systemd Services, Directory Structure, qicli are not documented very well.)

- Would it be possible to build a new Version of the OS?

I've been using the Pepper robots for a while and get more and more the feeling that it could have been a greater success if more information was published and a more free software approach and open documentation that everyone can contribute to was taken. I don't really understand companies not taking more advantage of getting feedback, documentation, even free code and bugfixes for such an awesome project.

Hi Robin, 

Sorry for the laste reply, unfortunately there is no more "Root" access on Pepper's head.

You can find more information about the NAOqi OS on the link below :

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